William M. Wharton Jr.

January 4th, 1934 to November 1st, 2009


William (Bill) Wharton had been selling real estate in the area for over 30 years.  In addition, he was founding president of the Montezuma Valley Historical Society.  He will be remembered by many for many different reasons. 


The picture tells many things about Bill.  It was shot in August 13th, 2007.  Bill was meticulous at note-taking and organization.  On the desk is his card file of leads he had collected over the years, and carefully organized for each mailing.  Another part of the desk has business cards from different vendors who came to visit from time to time.  On the small desk to his right is the Smith Corona word processor which he used for different tasks, including his book on the Sudan to every day office tasks.  On the wall, some of the many plaques and awards given to Bill by grateful charities and community organizations for Bills support and efforts.


His book on the Sudan will soon be published.  Click here for more details.