Ranchita, California 92066



Ranchita is located between Warner Springs and Borrego Springs, California, at an elevation of about 4000 feet, snowing off and on from Thanksgiving to Easter.  Current annual rainfall is around 10 inches.  Although it is only 13 miles from Borrego, temperatures are generally 20 or more degrees cooler. Ranchita land and homes are known for their relative ‘bargain’ prices in comparison to other parts of San Diego County.  The community has a fire station, a community center, a small store, and curio shop.  About 200 people live in the area.  Our skies are clear and sheltered from surrounding light by natural terrain.  A ‘mini’ continental divide runs through Ranchita, with half the runoff going to Baja, and the other half toward the Pacific Ocean.  Ranchita is surrounded by public land such as Anza Borrego State park, BLM and Vista Irrigation water shed.  Most properties are 5 to 10 acres.  There is only one public road, and the rest are all dirt.  There are many different bird and animal species.  The center of town is marked by “Rancheti”, an 11 foot tall yeti statue, the towns unofficial mascot.

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